Top 5 destinations near Bangalore that will give beaches abroad a run for their money

The good part of Bangalore is that it is located at the centre of Southern states of India and Maharashtra and all the good places are within the reaches of Bangalore. There are plenty of beautiful, serene and untouched destinations in Southern India and the Western Ghats which are as beautiful as many famous foreign destinations and sometimes even more. Kerala has many places which resemble culture and beauty and they are still not as famous which makes it a great catch.

Road trips make reaching beautiful destinations more fun because of all the good places you get to see along the way. The Western Ghats are well known across India from their lush green fauna, hills and a misty weather. Traveling through the Western Ghats via road feels like an everlasting monsoon trip. This makes traveling with Deepam taxi all the more fun as you sit back comfortably and enjoy the roads that you would never want to end. But wait, the destinations listed below are more fascination, almost like you have stepped into heaven for a while.

Here’s a list of top 5 destinations near Bangalore that are almost like their foreign counterparts:

1. Varkala vs Cambridgeshire

Varkala is the only place is South India where the high tides meet the hills and it creates an excellent spot for water spot. That’s only the best part but the place also makes an excellent hub for all things hippy but it is way different from Goa. Varkala is in Kerala and its one of the best places to enjoy the blue of the Arabian Sea. Varkala has plenty of cliffs from where you taste the wind and immerse yourself in an infinite blue of the crystal clear sky and the sea. Varkala does not only represent the beauty of Cambridgeshire, the elite town in England but also represents the mix of culture found there. Varkala is a place which is unlike any other present in India or nearby countries but it has the soul of Cambridge. It’s also a beautiful ride from Bangalore and with Deepam Taxi offering the most affordable ride, Varkala is a must visit for your inner travel bug.

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2. Mulki vs Maldives

If you are a fan of Blue lagoons and you think Maldives is way too expensive then worry no more because we have a Maldives tucked away in our very own country. Mulki is a place located in the Dakshin Kannada district of Karnataka and it is even better than Maldives if you are adventurous enough to explore. The blue waters and the white sand beaches make it look like a little hidden heaven in southern India. It is located on the banks of river Sambhavi and we know how beautiful nature looks where the river meets the sea. Mulki is also a hub of water sports famous in Maldives like surfing. This makes Mulki the right place to enjoy the serendipity of nature along with the adrenaline rush.

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3. Athirapally vs Bali

Athirapally Falls in kerala is also known as the Niagara Falls of India and if that is not exciting enough for you then we don’t know what is. The magnificent falls also has a quiet pool at the top where you can lay back after a trek and let the cold waters relax your feet. The frothy waters of the falls and the lush green surrounding under the clear blue sky will remind you of Bali and its beautiful flora and fauna. Athirapally falls is loud and large, beautifully crafted by nature and hidden in the middle of misty green rainforests. The feel of being here is so enchanting that you would not want to come back. If you are unsure of reaching this exhilarating creation of nature, then worry no more as Deepam Taxi will make sure you have the smoothest and the safest journey to Kerala and with our best in town outstation services.

4. Alleppey vs Venice

Kerala is not only a heaven but it’s also real close to Bangalore, Alleppey in Kerala is the Venice of India. Alleppey not only has the beautiful and tranquil backwaters where you can take thrilling and serene houseboat rides but also enjoy lagoons. The good part is that Venice is really crowded and now even the water canals are getting clogged and causing drainage problem. That’s exactly why Alleppey should be on your travel list before Venice, Alleppey is serene, calm and the well maintained. Plan a trip from Bangalore to Kerala and enjoy the most beautiful routes of South India with Deepam Taxi before you board a houseboat on the backwaters of Alleppey!

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5. Gokarna vs Mauritius

Gokarna is 150 kilometers from Goa and it is one of those heavenly places that have not yet been touched by the masses. If you want to get lost in the tranquil blue waters of Mauritius and spend a fortune, you have a similar option at just a fraction of the price right in India. Gokarna’s beautiful clear blue waters will help your leave all your worries back home and enjoy the cool breeze blow your hair and mind. Goa might be a little far from Bangalore but with Deepam Taxi’s seamless rides you will be delighted to enjoy the roads to the Western Ghats.

These wonderful places in India are just within our reach that is as beautiful as their foreign counterparts but we keep saving up to visit the foreign ones. But now that we know that these beautiful beaches in India are not even that far from Bangalore, planning a long weekend with Deepam Taxi is the most convenient option! So there is no point in waiting more and wasting huge amount of money on international travel when we can easily visit these striking beautiful destinations at our convenience and within our reach.

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